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Top 50 Private Enterprises in Tai'an in 2023


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The list of top 50 private enterprises in Tai’an in 2023 was released!
Tai’an Daily News Agency – the most Tai’an hearing on February 28, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision, the State Administration of Taxation, Tai’an Taxation Bureau of the six departments jointly released the “2023 Tai’an Top 50 Private Enterprises List,” Shandong RissoChemical Fertilizer Company Ltd. on the list.
Selection in accordance with the principle of voluntary participation of enterprises, based on the total business income of enterprises in 2023, after review, deliberation, publicity and other links.
This year’s list, the enterprise entry threshold to a new high, the top 50 enterprises business income entry threshold of 1.12 billion yuan, an increase of 140 million yuan over the previous year; enterprise scale continued to grow, the top 50 enterprises total business income reached 293.05 billion yuan, total tax payments reached 5.89 billion yuan, absorbing employment reached 116,000 people, to promote the economic and social development of high quality and made a positive contribution.
It is understood that the list of the city’s top 50 private enterprises has been released since 2020, showing the whole society the contribution of the city’s outstanding private enterprises in economic and social development, setting up a benchmark for private enterprises, boosting the confidence of the development of private enterprises, inspiring the passion of private entrepreneurs to work and start up their own business, and promoting the sustained and healthy development of the city’s private economy.

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