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Risso Fertilizer at the Phosphate Fertilizer Exhibition

It is understood that the exhibition to “actively respond to market changes to help the industry high-quality development” as the theme, sharing the industry in the structural adjustment, innovation and green development, especially technological innovation and efficient use of resources, quality and efficiency and quality control, industry chain extension and competitiveness of the comprehensive enhancement of the experience, analysis of industry issues and Response strategy, guide enterprises to optimize the product structure, improve the quality of agrochemical services, to the “agricultural integrated service provider” transformation; enhance the innovation ability at the same time, the overall promotion of the industry’s technological level of progress, to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, and help the great revitalization of the countryside.
Risso Fertilizer demonstrated its unique charm in this event. The booth design with a doctor’s hat as the main shape signified the professionalism and quality assurance of Risso Fertilizer. The combination of blue and white tones presented a fresh and atmospheric feeling, full of vigorous vigor. It attracted many manufacturers, traders, users and media to visit the booth. The site was crowded and lively, fully demonstrating the wide recognition and popularity of Risso Fertilizer in the market.
During the exhibition, Risso Fertilizer focused on publicizing its independent R&D and product innovation achievements supported by four core technologies. Since its establishment, Risso Fertilizer has attached great importance to scientific and technological research and development, and after more than 20 years of polishing to form the “Risso+” product series, Risso from nature and back to nature, to build a “soil-fertilizer harmony”. Risso has made great contribution to the construction of “soil-fertilizer harmonious” relationship. Through the independent mastery of Risso activation, controlled release fertilizer coating, functional bacteria birth control, soil conditioning and other four major technology integration, the company has formed a complete “Risso +” product series, at the same time, has achieved a number of outstanding results for the vast number of users to provide green environmental protection, cost-effective, increased yields and increased incomes, and the effect of the new technology is obvious. Fertilizer. Not only that, through technological upgrading and innovation breakthroughs, Risso Fertilizer provides more scientific and efficient solutions and services for crop cultivation, and provides them to the majority of growers, so that more growers can obtain greater benefits.
In the future, Risso Fertilizer will always abide by the social responsibility, continue to play the role of the enterprise, not forgetting the original intention and bearing in mind the mission, and continue to cohesion of Risso power, continue to promote technological upgrading, accurate service efficient agriculture, and actively guarantee the supply of fertilizers to protect the country’s food security to contribute to the industry’s strength.Risso Fertilizer for more growers to obtain greater benefits to provide protection!

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