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Prevention first, life first|Company actively carry out the "Fire Prevention Month" activities


Fire Prevention Month

Prevention first, life first|Company actively carry out the “Fire Prevention Month” activities

In this era full of passion and vigor, safety and stability are our common goal. In the National Fire Prevention Month, the company actively responded to the theme of “prevention first, life first” to comprehensively strengthen the management of fire safety and enhance the awareness of fire safety and emergency response ability of the staff.
In the afternoon of February 22th, the company’s safety and environmental center organized all workshops and departments to carry out fire safety training, and the manager of the safety and environmental center, An Zhixiang, brought us a fire safety training.
Shandong RissoChemical Fertilizer Co.
The occurrence of fire often stems from a negligence, but the consequences are incalculable. Manager Jiang Wei introduced the hazards, causes and preventive measures of fire in detail in the training, so that we deeply realize the threat of fire. Only by keeping alert at all times can we effectively prevent fires from occurring.
The fire fighting facilities in the company are an important guarantee for fire safety. Manager An explained the use and maintenance points of all kinds of fire fighting facilities, so that we can understand their important role in case of fire. At the same time, he also reminded us to check the fire fighting facilities regularly to ensure that they can function properly at critical moments.
Fire-fighting equipment is life-saving equipment at the fire scene, and it is vital to master its use and regular inspection. At the meeting, Li Min, the firefighter of the Safety and Environment Center, and Wang Mei, the safety engineer, led all the staff to carry out a fire drill in the factory, demonstrated in detail the use of fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other fire fighting equipment, and emphasized the importance of checking the performance of the equipment on a regular basis, to ensure that it can be put into operation quickly in the event of a fire.
The four abilities of fire safety refer to: the ability to check and eliminate fire hazards; the ability to fight primary fires; the ability to organize evacuation and escape; and the ability to conduct fire propaganda and education. Through the practical exercises, we deeply realized the importance of these four abilities at the scene of a fire, and only by comprehensively improving these four abilities can we better cope with fires.
This fire safety knowledge training makes the workers deeply recognize the danger of fire and understand the importance of fire safety. The company will also comprehensively strengthen fire safety management and enhance the fire safety awareness and emergency response ability of the staff. Let’s work together to contribute to the long-term safety and stability of the company.

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