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We provide you with custom blended fertilizer services. Whether you are an individual or a company. And, whether it is for personal use or commercial.

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– Maximise soil fertility and improve nutrient utilisation in different crops and growing areas;
– Customised fertilisers provide not only the main nutrients but also add other micronutrients required by the crop.
– Developing soil and crop specific fertilisers improves soil health.
– Customised fertilisers reduce the cost of fertiliser application.

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Fertilizer customization

Custom Fertilizer Blends

General purpose fertilizers and custom blending of fertilizers for Agricultural, Industrial, Nurseries, Landscapers and Resellers has been the core of Risso business for several years.

In addition to the variety of in-stock UreaCompound FertilizerHumic acid fertilizer and Other fertilizer, we also provide the service of custom blending fertilizers specific for you. Whether you are an individual or a company. And, whether it is for personal use or commercial.

Fertilizer color customization

Risso chemical in Taian, Shandong can provide any quantity fertilizer by the bag, by the pallet or by the truckload.

There are times when a custom fertilizer is exactly what you need. Along with our Soil Analysis services we can provide a custom blended fertilizer for your specific soil condition. Whatever your needs we can supply just a few bags, a pallet or a truck load. Fertilizer blended for your exact soil nutritional needs.

For cash crop grower, Sod Growers and other professional growers and management pros, we can develop custom made fertilizer to your exact specifications and supply that fertilizer to you to help set you apart from your competition.


For larger companies that require their own fertilizers for distribution we also offer our custom blending and packaging services to your exact specifications.

For larger landscaping companies, commercial groundskeepers, home improvement outlets, or local nurseries, among others, that would like to offer their own special fertilizer blends, we can blend your custom fertilizer, package that fertilizer for Custom blended fertilizers in branded packaging for retail sales at your location. you in retail 4kg,5kg,…to 100kg bags, with your branding and logo, and deliver it to your location by the pallet.

We can create a product that you will be thrilled to sell your customers. Your branding to increase your bottom line.


Fertilizer customization process
Fertilizer customization process

Custom Fertilizer Blends: Guide

Risso Chemical cares about the healthy growth of the crops you plant. Our experts will customize fertilizers for you according to the crops you plant or your fertilizer formula.

No matter what kind of fertilizer you need to customize, such as urea, compound fertilizer, Mixed fertilizers, Soluble fertilizer or other special fertilizer for economic crops, Risso can develop the best special fertilizer according to the local soil, climate and crop needs, such as special fertilizer for tobacco, Special fertilizer for cotton, special fertilizer for vegetables, special fertilizer for hydrangea, special fertilizer for rice, etc.

If you are a garden center, retail supplier, or just a customer in need of a specialty fertilizer, Risso can place your company name, logo, and/or graphics on our fertilizer labels to create a custom labeled fertilizer, bagged and ready to sell at your retail store. With a one ton minimum purchase, Risso’s friendly staff will work with you to create a label for your custom fertilizer bound to grab your customer’s attention.

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