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Liquid Humic Acid

Liquid Humic Acid

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Product Name:Liquid humic acid
CAS No.:69235-69-4
EINECS No.:250-715-9
Feature:100% Mineral Fertilizer
Humic Acid(dry basis):10-12%
K2O(dry basis):1%min
Place of Origin :Shangdong,China
MOQ :150KG (Sample free)
Certificate:ISO 22241-1, DIN 70070 standards

Liquid Humic Acid Description

Liquid Humic Acid is a highly concentrated 100% organic soil treatment manufactured in China. Humate assists the development of improved soil structure, soil moisture retention and plant nutrient availability.Liquid Humic Acid is ideal for use after soil cultivation or seed-bed preparation.
AppearanceDark Brown Liquid
SourceAscophyllum nodosum
Alginic Acid10-12%
Amino Acid5-10%


Risso® Humate adopt Natural Ascoppyllum Nodosum, which has strong affinity with crops, non-toxic, harmless and no side effects, no pollution to the environment.

Risso® Humate contain special ingredient in seaweed, seaweed polysaccharide, not only can chelate heavy metal ions, but also increase soil permeability, improve soil aggregate structure and prevent soil compaction.

The Alginic Acid of HuminRich® Seplus is a natural soil regulating substance that promotes the formation of soil particle structure, increases beneficial microorganisms in the soil, increases the biological vitality of the soil

Risso® Humate can reduce the pollution of soil by harmful substances of pesticides and fertilizers. It is conducive to the establishment of a more dynamic and harmonious plant-soil ecosystem


Risso® Humate has been confirmed that it can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products and increase their commodity value.
For example:
It can improve the oil content of oil crops
Increase the sugar content of sugar crops
Improve the sweetness, flavor and coloration of fruits
Improve the uniformity of products
Promote early maturity of crops, advance market, and extend storage period.


Risso® Humatecan improve the vitality and immunity of crops, inhibit the pests and diseases, and have obvious preventive and control effects on virions. It can also alleviate the damage of crops caused by drought, water-logging, low temperature, salt and alkali stress, and benefit crops. Recovery after the disaster.
The phenolic polymer and betaine in seaweed fertilizer regulate the osmotic pressure of cell liquid and chloroplast, and protect a series of enzymes into active resistant chemicals in cells damaged by drought, cold and insect diseases. Strong insect resistance, anti-fungal, anti-line worm, anti-aphid and cold and drought resistance

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