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Who We Are ?

Risso Chemical, a subsidiary of Taishan Chuanggu Industrial Park, is a global chemical manufacturer, supplier and service provider. We can provide a large scale “Custom Fertilizer” service and a full range of chemicals.

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What We Do ?

Risso Fertilizer includes basic fertilizers such as ureaNPK compound fertilizers, mixed fertilizers, potassium nitratemagnesium nitratepotassium sulfatepotassium chloridediammonium phosphatemonoammonium phosphatesuperphosphate, as well as new fertilizers like humic acid fertilizers, coated controlled-release fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers, biological organic fertilizers, biological bacterium fertilizers, soil conditioners, and crop-specific fertilizers.



Becoming the top value chemical company in China and one of the best known companies worldwide on chemical industry.

Production Line

Production Line

Risso is located Shandong Province in China. Shandong Province is the third largest petrochemical refining area in the world. Shandong Province is the largest producer of urea in China and the top exporter of urea. It also has the largest production base for water-soluble fertilizers in China. The largest active humic acid slow-release fertilizer production base in Asia.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Our company has a thorough quality control system in place, Our comprehensive system covers every stage of production, from raw material procurement to final product inspection. We have a strong commitment to quality, which has earned us a reputation as a reliable supplier.

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Our company’s gallery showcases a selection of our products and facilities. Visitors can browse through images of our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, innovative products, and modern facilities. The gallery provides an inside look at the various stages of production and gives a sense of the attention to detail and commitment to quality that goes into every product we produce.

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Tel: +86-0538-5076188
WhatsApp: +86 19506380519
E-mail: info@risso-chemical.com
Address: No. 3168 Taishan Street, Tai’an City,
                     ShanDong Province, China.
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