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Water Soluble NPK 30-10-10

Product Name:Soluble Fertilizer NPK 30-10-10
Fertilizer Type:General Compound Fertilizer
Grade Standard :Agriculture
Application:Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit, Agriculture
Specification:10/25/50kg Bag or Jumbo Bag or OEM
MOQ :6T (Sample free)
Payment Terms :T/T, L/C, cash(USD, EUR, RMB)
Certificate:ISO 22241-1, SGS Certificate… Etc

Product Details

Product Characteristics:

1. With all kinds formula including balanced ,high-N, high-P,and high-K formulas.
2. Providing essential macro elements nutrition during growing stages of seeding,flowering to fruiting period. RissoChemical is the professional all purpose specialty soluble fertilizers to growers. It feeds both through the roots and the leaves. This formula of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium provides fast green-up and rapid leaf expansion.

Recommended for use on all the indoor and outdoor plants. Indoors it is especially effective on foliage plants, keeping leaves green. A proven performer in the vegetable garden for generations, this product may give your plants greener leaves, more flowers and brighter colors.

Analysis Result
Total Nitrogen (N)≥20%20.03%
Nitrate Nitrogen≥5.87%5.88%
Ammonium Nitrogen≥4.25%4.27%
Urea Nitrogen≥9.88%9.88%
Phosphorus (P2O5) water soluble≥20%20.1%
Potassium (K2O) water soluble≥20%20.1%
Total Nutrition (N+P+K)≥60%60.23%
Insoluble in water≤0.3%0.11%
Without ChorideNoneNone
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