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Slow Released Fertilizer Sulphur Coated Urea

Product Name: Slow Released Sulphur Coated Urea
Grade Standard : Agriculture
CAS No.: 57-13-6
EINECS : 200-315-5
Molecular formula: CH4N2O
Molecular weight: 60.03240
Equivalent Chemical Name: diaminomethanal; Urea; UREUM;
Place of Origin : Shangdong,China
MOQ : 10T (Sample free)
Certificate: ISO 22241-1, SGS

Urea Fertilizer Description

Risso Chemical has been focusing on fertilizers for more than 15 years, now we have 3 advanced technology production lines for urea fertilizer, NPK compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer automatic production line and 1 multi-functional laboratory, with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons.Risso produces urea fertilizer granules with a nitrogen content of 46.3~46.7.

Risso Chemical is a urea producer, the price of urea fertilizer is relatively much more favorable than other traders. If you purchase more than 500 tons, we will give you the lowest price.

Rissochemical can be made per customer’s requirements in different levels and colours Urea Fertilizer

Name Urea
CAS NO. 57-13-6
Chemical formula CO (NH2)2
Appearance White prilled crystal
Molecular weight 60.055
Density 1.32 g/m3
Property It is soluble in water and alcohol. Its water solubility is faintly alkaline. It decomposes when heated over fusing point. Under high temperature, it can undergo a condensation reaction and form biuret, triuret and polyhydrocyanic acid.

Slow Released Sulphur Coated Urea/SCU 35%

Inspection basis GB29401-2024  Sulfur Coated Urea(SCU)
No Items Standard Test Results
1 Nitrogen ≥35.0% 35.6%
2 Initial Release of Nutrient ≤15.0% 5.2%
3 Seven Days Dissolution Rate ≤30.0% 15.6%
4 Moisture ≤1.0% 0.53%
5 Biuret ≤1.2% 0.27%
6 Sulfur ≥15.0% 18.4%
7 Size (2.00-4.75mm) ≥90.0% 96%

Slow Released Sulphur Coated Urea/SCU 37%

Inspection basisGB29401-2012  Sulfur Coated Urea(SCU)
NoItemsStandardTest Results
2Initial Release of Nutrient≤27.0%12.3%
3Seven Days Dissolution Rate≤45.0%23.7%
4Moisture ≤1.0%0.5%
7Size (2.00-4.75mm)≥90.0%96%
Test ResultProduct Qualified.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing Method:
For small samples quantity <1 kilograms, inside we use double resealable zip bags and outside with aluminium Foil Bags.
For medium quantity 1-25 kilograms, we pack them in double-layer plastic ziplock bags (inside) with aluminium foil bag(outside). Then packed in cartons or small drums as your requirement via FedEx/TNT/DHL or special channal.
For larger quantity >25 kilograms, normally we pack them in drums(normally 25KG per) with two strong PET bags. We do supply smaller packages like 10gram/50gram per bag as your requirement. Please contact us for more details if you have any question!
Automotive Grade Urea Packaging

How does Risso ensure the quality of urea fertilizers?

1. Before production: Risso will set up a strict production plan, determine the quality of urea and process requirements, provide the necessary resources for the process and determine the key production processes (production equipment, key process points, key quality requirements of the process products) to establish self-inspection and mutual inspection between teams.

2. During the production process: we keep in communication with customers at any time, we can provide customers with videos or photos of the urea production process, to ensure that customers have no worries.

3 . Before delivery: Before shipment, we will ask the third party organization to issue the test report of urea fertilizer according to the requirements specified by customers.

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Urea Fertilizer: Guide

Risso Chemical has 3 advanced technology production lines for urea fertilizer, NPK compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer automatic production line and 1 multi-functional laboratory with annual production capacity of 600,000 tons. Urea is mainly used as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in agriculture. It is considered one of the most popular and economical sources of nitrogen for plants. Urea helps to promote healthy plant growth, increase crop yields and improve crop protein content. It is commonly used to provide plants with nitrogen that is readily available and easily absorbed. Urea is soluble in water and is used as a neutral, quick-release, highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer. It is prone to moisture absorption and caking in air. Urea is widely used as a basic raw material for NPK compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer , and can also be coated with sulfur or polymers as a slow-release or controlled-release fertilizer. Long-term application of urea will not leave any harmful substances on the soil.  
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