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Vision & Mission


Becoming the top value chemical company in China and one of the best known companies worldwide on chemical industry.


To be the one stop services partner. Provide customers with excellent products, services and solutions. Making process simple, convenient, safe and reliable, sustainable. On the issues of common concern we’ll work together with each other on improvements.

Working together with partners to create a community of business interests, transform together, and continue to provide better product and better services; we maintain a close contact with our partners in all dealings.

Proactive actions are always taken to protect the environment. To bring added benefit of the community, we also support cultural activities and other public-interest undertakings.

A comfortable working environment has been created where individuality is honored. We treat every team member equally and evaluate team member performances on the basis of efforts as well as results. Communicate with team, focus on strugglers, provide a development platform for team members who have ideals and ambitions, love chemical, and who are responsible, customer-oriented, and develop together.

We will stick to fulfilling our accountability to shareholders and distributing reasonable and stable dividend payments to them. And our continuous rise in sales enables us to maximize shareholder value.
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