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RISSO Fertilizer product line includes basic fertilizers such as urea, NPK compound fertilizers, Water soluble NPK Fertilizer, Nitrogen Fertilizer, Controlled-Release Fertilizer, mixed fertilizers,  magnesium nitrate,  diammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, superphosphate, as well as new fertilizers like humic acid fertilizers, coated controlled-release fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers, biological organic fertilizers, biological bacterium fertilizers, soil conditioners, and crop-specific fertilizers (tobacco special package fertilizers, soil test formula cotton-specific fertilizers, vegetable-specific fertilizers, hydrangea-specific fertilizers, and rice-specific fertilizers).

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Tel: +86-0538-5076188
Whatsapp: +86-19506380519

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Tel: +86-0538-5076188
WhatsApp: +86 19506380519
E-mail: info@risso-chemical.com
Address: No. 3168 Taishan Street, Tai’an City,
                    ShanDong Province, China.
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