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Polypeptide Urea

Product Name:Small peptide ure
Grade Standard :Agriculture
HS CODE:57-13-6
EINECS :3102100001
Molecular formula:CH4N2O
Specifications:25KG, 50KG,50kg. 1000kg PP bag or pallet available
Nutrient Content:46.0%
Place of Origin :Shangdong,China
MOQ :10T (Sample free)
Executive standard:GB 2440-2001 Q/371500LXH001-2013

Polypeptide Urea Description

Polypeptide urea added to the polyaspartic acid-based nutritional active substances, less than ordinary urea dosage, fast results, can effectively promote balanced growth of crops, while supplementing the crop nutrients to improve crop resistance to disease, resistance to adversity, the utilization rate of urea increased significantly; in the crop yield, quality enhancement and so on, has a better effect, is widely used in wheat, corn, cotton, vegetables, rice and other crops.

【Technical index】:

Mass fraction of total nitrogen (N) (on dry basis)≥46.0
Mass fraction of diurea≤1.0
Mass fraction of water≤0.5
Particle size φ0.85-2.80 %≥90

1、Wheat: base fertilizer, 15-25KG/per acre; chasing fertilizer: 5-15KG/per acre each time, chasing 1-2 times;

2、Corn: base fertilizer, 15-25KG/per acre; follow-up fertilizer: 10-20KG/per acre each time, 1-2 times;

3、Cotton: base fertilizer, 15-25KG/per acre; chasing fertilizer: 15-25KG/per acre each time, chasing 2-3 times;

4、Vegetables: base fertilizer, 20-40KG/per acre; follow-up fertilizer: 5-15KG/per acre each time, chase 2-4 times;

5、Fruit trees: base fertilizer, 25-40KG/per acre; follow-up fertilizer: 10-20KG/per acre each time, 2-3 times.

As a well-known domestic fertilizer supplier, RissoChemical has set up the position of RissoChemical as the integrator of resource strategy and marketing leader in China’s nitrogen fertilizer industry by establishing a sound strategic cooperation alliance of core suppliers, actively participating in industry integration and acquiring upstream production resources in nitrogen fertilizer. As the main channel of fertilizer operation in Shandong, RissoChemical actively undertakes the task of national fertilizer storage every year, and makes due contribution to guarantee the supply of domestic nitrogen fertilizer. 

At the same time, RissoChemical gives full play to the advantages of integrated operation of domestic and foreign trade, and actively expands international sales channels, exporting Chinese urea to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States every year.

Packaging & Shipping

—50kg ,500kg,1000kg PP bag or pallet available ,
—Stored in cool, dry and draughty storehouse. Kept away form fire, heat source, moisture. Avoid packing damage. when necessary should be placing the waterproof canvas.

How does Risso ensure the quality of urea fertilizers?

1. Before production: Risso will set up a strict production plan, determine the quality of urea and process requirements, provide the necessary resources for the process and determine the key production processes (production equipment, key process points, key quality requirements of the process products) to establish self-inspection and mutual inspection between teams.

2. During the production process: we keep in communication with customers at any time, we can provide customers with videos or photos of the urea production process, to ensure that customers have no worries.

3 . Before delivery: Before shipment, we will ask the third party organization to issue the test report of urea fertilizer according to the requirements specified by customers.

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Why choose RissoChemical

Risso Chemical has been focusing on fertilizers for more than 10 years, now we have 3 advanced technology production lines for urea fertilizer, NPK compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer automatic production line and 1 multi-functional laboratory, with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons.Risso produces urea fertilizer granules with a nitrogen content of 46.3~46.7.

Risso Chemical is a urea producer, the price of urea fertilizer is relatively much more favorable than other traders. If you purchase more than 500 tons, we will give you the lowest price.

Rissochemical can be made per customer’s requirements in different levels and colours Urea Fertilizer