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Insoluble Humic Acid

Product Name: Insoluble Humic Acid/Humate
Specification:NPK 14-0-1
Purity :Custom Made
Cas No :66455-26-3
Einecs No:613-934-4
Place of Origin :Shangdong,China
MOQ :150KG (Sample free)
Certificate:ISO 22241-1, DIN 70070 standards.

Insoluble Humic Acid Description

Insoluble Humic Acid/Humate Granule.

CERES Certification. In one granular You can get more than 12 kinds of Nutrient substance:
NPK+Organic Matter+Potassium+Humic Acid
Medium Trace Element:Ca, Mg, S
Microelements: Zn,Fe,Cu
The particle hardness is very good. Granular size is 2-4mm more than 95%.

Our humic acid fertilizer is extract from natural Leonardite Extract. We focus on humic acid for 15+years. This product contents humic acid and npk, It contains both humic acid and npk, in order to cooperate well with pesticides. The product is registerd CERES and ISO.
As it possess slow and controlled release fertilizer, meanly used for Basal fertilizer,topdressing. It well used for soil conditioner and plant stimlator.

Suitable for field crops, organic farming.
Horticultural plants, landscape and garde.
Crops,fruits and lawn.
Improve crop yield.
Improve root development.
Slow and controlled release fertilizer.

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Our Best Sellers as below:
Super potassium humate K2O12-10%min,HA65-70%min
Potassium humate K2O 8%min,6.5%min,5%min,2%min,HA65-40%min
Potassium fulvate FA15%min,K2O10%min,HA65%min
Mineral fulvic acid FA55%min,K2O12%min,HA60%min
Humic acid Urea N46
Biological fulvic acid(Plant source fermentationmicrobial fermentation) Brown powder granular K2O12%min,5%min
Soluble humic acid 65-70%min,50%min,40%min
Insoluble humic acid 65-70%min,50%min,40%min
Amino acid(Plant/Animal source)  Amino80%min-50%min
Seaweed extract  Alginic acid 20-12%min,K2O 20-12%min
Sodium humate 70%min,65%min,50%min,40%min
Fulvic acid for human consumption Healthcare Supplement Food or Medical  FA99.75%min,60%min
Humic Acid Amino Shiny Colored Granular/Pearl(With resin coating/uncoating) NPK15-0-1,Animo10%min,HA15%min
Boron Humate HA50%min,Boron12%min
Nitro Humic Acid HA50%min,N 2%min
Ammonium Humate HA40%min,N 5%min

Risso Chemical HUMIC ACID Humic Acid is natural organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It is widely used in agriculture fields

1.Low moisture, low dust, high free humic acid, high organic matter, high hardness to be material of blended fertilizer.
2.Slow Release, long-term effect, Improve the utilization rate of fertilizers such as NPK.
3.Increase utilization of N from 15% to 20%.
4.Build soil water holding capacity.
5.High levels of humic acid are beneficial in soil remediation including low carbon, compacted, salt affected and sandy soils.
6.Stimulates beneficial soil biology.

Product Parameters

Main Specification

50% / 60% Humic Acid Granule

 AppearanceBlack Powder / Granule / CrystalBlack Powder / Granule / Crystal
 Product codeRC-HA-1-P/G/C RC-HA-2-P/G/C
 Organic Matter (dry basis)85.0% min80.0% min
 C.E.C≥200meq / 100g≥200meq / 100g
 Humic Acid (dry basis)60.0% min50.0% min
 Moisture25.0% max25.0% max
 Particle size2-4mm / 2-6mm2-4mm / 2-6mm
Fineness80-100 mesh80-100 mesh
Granule Radial Load12N12N
Humic Acid Amino NPK Granule
Product nameHumic Amino Shiny Balls
Service40kgs,50kgs PP bags with inner liner. 1MT jumbo bag
AppearanceBlack Shiny balls
Water solubilitySlow Release
Amino acid10% min
Humic acid15% min
Total NPK15-0-1
Particle Size2-5mm uniform granule
contant risso Fertilizer
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