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Fully Coated Controlled Release NPK

Product Name:Compound Fertilizer 19-10-13
Grade Standard :Agriculture
Production Process:Rotary Drum Granulation
Specification:9.9kg 25kg 40kg 50kg Neutral Bag/OEM Bag
MOQ :5T (Sample free)
Payment Terms :T/T, L/C, cash(USD, EUR, RMB)
Certificate:ISO 22241-1, DIN 70070 standards.

Product Details

Fully coated controlled release NPK fertilizer with balanced nutrition., consisting of a high quality polymer coated fertilizer with a life expectancy of 40 to 365 days. It guarantees a continuous supply of nutrients from a single application.

Common Formulas:
NPK 19-10-13+2.5MgO+TE
NPK 13-4-18+1.8MgO+TE
NPK 11-3-40+TE
NPK 11-11-15+1.8MgO+TE
NPK 15-15-15+TE

Depending on the specific circumstances of the planting, controlled release fertilizers can significantly reduce:

Total fertilizer consumption: can be reduced by 20% or even 50%;
Rinse: can be reduced by 55%;
Denitrification: can be reduced by an average of 40%;
Evaporation: can be reduced by 40%.

Controlled Release Technology

controlled release technology table
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