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Tobacco Purpose Fertilizer

Tobacco Purpose Fertilizer

Tobacco Purpose Fertilizer

Product Name:Controlled Release Fertilizer 15 15 15
Grade Standard :Agriculture
Production Process:High Tower Granulation
Specification:10kg 25kg 50kg Neutral Bag/OEM Bag
MOQ :10T (Sample free)
Payment Terms :T/T, L/C, cash(USD, EUR, RMB)
Certificate:ISO 22241-1, DIN 70070 standards

Product Details

RissoChemical offers an exclusive NPK high potash water soluble fertilizer for tobacco, NPK 18-09-27, formulated with a wide range of micronutrients for tobacco, as well as for onions and vines.

For special needs, special fertilizers can be tailored to the region and climate.

ItemStandard Value
Product NameNPK 18-09-27 Water Soluble Fertilizer
AppearancePowder Crystal
Nitrogen Content (N)18%
Phosphorus Content (P2O5)9%
Kalium Content (K2O)27%
Total Content (N+P2O5+K2O)54%
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RissoChemical develops and produces tobacco-specific water-soluble fertilizer, which is a kind of fertilizer designed for the characteristics and needs of tobacco crops, and its main functions are as follows:

  • 1. Promote growth: Tobacco special foliar fertilizer contains a variety of elements beneficial to the growth of tobacco, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and so on, which can promote the development of the root system of tobacco and improve the resistance of the tobacco plant to diseases and pests, so as to promote the growth of tobacco.
  • 2. Improve the yield: the trace elements and organic substances in the special foliar fertilizer for tobacco can improve the quality and yield of the tobacco leaves, make the tobacco leaves more plump and colorful, so as to improve the economic income of the tobacco farmers.
  • 3. Enhance the resistance to adversity: some active ingredients in the special foliar fertilizer for tobacco can enhance the adaptability of tobacco to drought, salinity, pests and other adverse environmental conditions, reducing the risk of yield loss due to environmental factors.
  • 4. Reduce the occurrence of diseases: some bioactive substances in tobacco leafy fertilizer have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects, which can effectively prevent and control the occurrence of tobacco diseases, and reduce the cost of medication for tobacco farmers.
  • 5. Protect the environment: some components of tobacco foliar fertilizer with environmental protection, can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, reduce the agricultural production of environmental pollution.

    In short, tobacco foliar fertilizer can provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition for tobacco, promote tobacco growth, improve yield and quality, enhance resilience, reduce disease occurrence, protect the environment, is an indispensable fertilizer in tobacco productio


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