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Tower Granulation NPK 17-17-17(SOP)

Product Name:Compound Fertilizer 17-17-17
Grade Standard :Agriculture
Production Process:High Tower Granulation
Specification:9.9kg 25kg 40kg 50kg Neutral Bag/OEM Bag
MOQ :5T (Sample free)
Payment Terms :T/T, L/C, cash(USD, EUR, RMB)
Certificate:ISO 22241-1, DIN 70070 standards.

Product Details

NPK 17-17-17(SOP) is produced by high tower granulation process.

Full nutrient compound fertilizer produced by advanced “melt spray tower granulation” technology has good properties and stable quality. Under the melting state, each fertilizer particle has complete and balanced nutrient content, and due to the pores on the surface, it absorbs water faster and releases nutrients more evenly.

Hi-Tech Pelletizing can be customized and OEM with different formulations, the common formulations are: NPK 30-9-9, 30-10-10, 15-5-25, 17-7-17, 15-3-25, 15-9-20, 24-6-10, 15-5- 20, 19-9-19, 27-7-7, 20-4-24, 16-16-8, 25-7-7, 30 6-0, 30-4-0, 20-5-25, 25-5-5, 20-5-20, and so on. Usual colors are: blue, green, purple, white, etc.

Nitrogen Content (N)17±1%17.68%
Phosphorus Content(P2O5)17±1%17.25%
Kalium Content(K2O)17±1%17.12%
Total Content(N+P2O5+K2O)46% Min46.56%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO)2.5% Min2.68%
Moisture1.9% Max1.59%
CropDosageGrowth Stage
Beans70-80 Kg/AcFrom immature plants up to flowering100-120 Kg/AcBlooming stageRepeat every 25-30 days
Capsicum / Chilli
Leaf vegetables
Banana500 g/plantRepeat after 3-5 months
Pineapple205 g/plant
Papaya305 g/plant
Melon195 g/plant
Guava200 g/plant
Grapes200 g/plant
Mango300 g/plant
Durian200 g/plant
Flowers & Ornamental Plants4-5 g/potRepeat after 30 days
Yong Plant Palms1.0-2 kg/plantRepeat after 6 months
Matured Plant Palms1.9-2.9 kg/plant
Woven PP neutral bag with PE inner bag. Or customized bag.
PP/PE/ Craft paper bags are available
25MT per 20′ FCL without pallet.
23MTS per 20′ FCL with pallet

Service Provided:

1. Customized and OEM different formulations are welcome.

2. Supply sulfur system, chloride system, nitric acid system.

3. Flexible to add inorganic material, S, MgO, TE.

4. Supply controlled release additives if needed.

RissoChemical has put mind on research and agricultural practices on Asian/Africa/South America etc land, and made its all series of products more applicable for Asian/Africa/South America etc lands. It has endlessly introduced the most advanced international technology and production process, developed rich series of product line according to characteristics of different land and crops, provided compound fertilizers of excellent quality and high efficiency tooversea farmers. Our fertilizers are widely used for vegetables, fruits,coffee, rice, corn, wheat ect plants. And our fertilizer can be used in Dripped, Broadcast, Hole Application or Foliar.

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